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  • First Issue Presents: Starward #1

    First Issue Presents: Starward #1
    New appointment with "First Issue Presents" and Steve Orlando's debut on Heavy Metal Magazine with Starward # 1.

    Starward-1-coverJust when it seems to be heading towards a normal medium tone typical of certain very introductory first chapters, albeit smooth and full of craft, Starward # 1 gives a twist and an unexpected acceleration, connecting to the cryptic opening and increasing interest in future developments.
    The debut book of this new series scripted by the prolific for Heavy Metal, the famous US magazine that mainly publishes sci-fi and fantasy comics, is very colorful and dynamic, thanks to Ivan Shavrin‘s palette and sharp and angular stroke, and it tells the strange story of Stephanie Cohen. The girl lives an altogether ordinary life, between her parents’ expectations for her university career, a bit of frustration and her passion for mythology and folklore, were it not for the fact that her existence is linked to a mysterious cosmic battle.
    The references to the superheroic genre so dear to Orlando are evident, starting from the shapes and colors of the costumes worn by the warriors who make their fleeting appearances in the large initial panel. Still on the subject of chromatisms, it is curious to note how the smudges of color come out of the panel grid, a less common phenomenon than the exit of the figures. Without making too many conjectures about this stylistic choice, one can simply think of a metaphor that suggests that Stephy’s adventure is only just beginning and much greater than one might imagine.

    We talked about:
    Starward #1 (Heavy Metal Magazine #304)
    Steve Orlando, Ivan Shavrin, Saida Temofonte
    15 pages, colors – 13,99 $

    English translation by David Padovani

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