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  • Commanders in Crisis #7-8 (Orlando, Thornhill, Tinto)

    Commanders in Crisis #7-8 (Orlando, Thornhill, Tinto)
    After two chapters of adjustment, "Commanders in Crisis" returns to successfully propose action and reflection.

    commanders-in-crisis-7-coverThere is a problem and you try to solve it by talking: it seems strange, but even superheroes can do it; if they fail, then they go hard. In Commanders in Crisis # 7-8 (Chapter 8 is co-written by L.A. Thornhill tries to subvert the order of things typical of superheroes’ crossover and team-ups, where it usually first kicks and punches and then, perhaps, to words.
    After two episodes of adjustment we are back to getting serious, with the fusion of action and reflection: although the pace is fluctuating, the story is pleasant and interesting thanks to the well-choreographed fights by Davide Tinto and the ideas offered by the writers. They range from the empowerment of the earthlings, called to help save the universe, to the introduction of a sort of Platonic Hyperuranium, in which ideas, metaphysics, reminiscence and even science fiction find their place, passing through the limits of the human ego.
    If the concepts exposed may appear complex and unsettling for a reader who expects lightness and adventure, the way in which the Italian artist brings them to paper is easily intelligible. In fact, the character design of the new warriors introduced is both archetypal and captivating; fight scenes set horizontally are fast and fun; some metaphors used by Orlando and Thornhill are made explicit through the clean sign and thanks to the bright Francesca Carotenuto’s coloring, who always tries to emphasize the characters with bright tones.

    English translation by David Padovani
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    Commanders in Crisis #7-8
    Steve Orlando, L.A. Thornhill, Davide Tinto, Francesca Carotenuto
    Image Comics, april & may 2021
    32 pages, comic book format, colors – 3,99 $ each
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