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  • Commanders in Crisis #5-6 (Orlando, Tinto)

    Commanders in Crisis #5-6 (Orlando, Tinto)
    “Commanders in Crisis” by Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto reaches the halfway point with a passing issue and a turning point.

    commandersincrisis5 cover grandeThe fifth chapter of Commanders in Crisis can be defined as a passing moment, a moment of pause and second thoughts necessary to rediscover intimacy and reflect on the themes of change and responsibility. The next issue, which marks the turning point for the series of  and Davide Tinto, now halfway through its run, instead leads to a turning point, to an awareness that will plausibly lead to that acceleration in the rhythm that you begin to feel the need for.
    In fact, the pawns have already been positioned and, if it is right that the political subplot gradually feeds as it does in this diptych, it is equally important that the loss of empathy and the multiversal problem introduced at the beginning of the project are addressed directly. Orlando emphasizes the need to think before acting, which gives rise to the most interesting reflection of the two episodes examined: ideas and concepts are fluid and lend themselves to different interpretations, so you have to keep an open mind.
    The more philosophical than practical approach allows Tinto to focus on the expressiveness of the characters, in particular when they have to deal with the most genuine emotions or when it is not the words that speak but simply the faces. What is particularly striking is the mimicry of the Prizefighter hero, as strong as he is fragile. Francesca Vivaldi gives a hand to Francesca Carotenuto to the colors in the sixth episode, turning the colors towards a lesser brilliance.

    English translation by David Padovani

    We talk about:
    Commanders in Crisis #5-6
    Steve Orlando, Davide Tinto, Francesca Carotenuto, Francesca Vivaldi
    Image Comics, feb, mar 2021
    32 pages, comic book format, colors – 3,99 $

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