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  • First Issue Presents: Project Patron #1

    First Issue Presents: Project Patron #1
    Aftershock Comics publishes a new superhero series signed by Steve Orlando and the Italian artist Patrick Piazzalunga: Project Patron.

    Project Patron_01_coverIn American sports such as football and baseball, there is no single coach: under the directives of a prominent figure, there are various coordinators, each with their own skills and duties. Similarly,  comic writer applies this paradigm to his latest superhero, the protagonist of his new comic Project Patron.
    Published by Aftershock Comics, the series seems at first extremely derivative – the incipit that recalls the battle between and Doomsday is emblematic – but page after page it embarks on an original and interesting path , starting with a question (this, however, not original): can men manage supermen? The answer seems to be affirmative, but the consequences of the unexpected final twist could prove us wrong.
    Full of balloons and captions, this first chapter provides the reader with a lot of information: the author tries to immediately introduce him to the fictional reality he created, also by adding an advertisement and a newspaper article as an appendix to the issue. The total care of the product is therefore evident, an attention that is also found in the pencils of Patrick Piazzalunga and in the colors of Carlos Lopez.
    The Italian artist depicts very expressive characters and, in some cases, both for the use of certain side or bottom shots and for the way he draws the noses he recalls the work done by his compatriot Matteo Scalera in Black Science. Beyond the references and visual suggestions, the aesthetics of Project Patron conveys the joviality of a classic superheroism, almost Silver Age, staining it with a feeling of urgency and seriousness oppressive, amplified by the black space that surrounds the panels.
    Are we preparing to enter the Dark Age?

    English translation by David Padovani

    We talk about:
    Project Patron #1
    Steve Orlando, Patrick Piazzalunga, Carlos Lopez, Thomas Mauer
    Aftershock Comics, april 2021
    33 pages, comic book format, colors – 4,99 $

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