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  • Commanders in Crisis #2-3 (S. Orlando, D. Tinto)

    Commanders in Crisis #2-3 (S. Orlando, D. Tinto)
    Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto explore the consequences of "Commanders in Crisis #1", the Image Comics superheroic series.

    commanders-in-crisis-2-coverAlthough Commanders in Crisis is a mix between DC crises and events, with superheroes with super problems and the political component in the background, it still manages to dedicate a certain space to purely human issues, to the individual dimension.
    While in the second chapter of the Image Comics series the comic writer explores the deprivation of empathy’s consequences shown in the debut, still maintaining an introductory tone, in the third issue he begins to get to the center of the story, focusing more on emotions than on explanations.
    At the moment, however, the writing is based more on dialogue and interpersonal relationships than on action, however present. Even with this assumption, it is interesting to observe how the heroes use their powers, given that the writer has chosen alternative and not obvious “gifts” for them, whose staging requires creativity in the narrative. Even normal people are fascinated by the qualities of the “good guys”, although there are some who do not look favorably on them; a social approval and admiration towards them that are reminiscent of two superhero-themed manga: My hero academia and One-Punch Man.
    The artist Davide Tinto also looks to the manga art, at least in part, who accentuates the gestures and expressions of the characters, without diminishing the intelligibility of the pages as a whole. Trespassing from the structural cage, spread pages and overhead shots are the strong points of an aesthetic that is also lit thanks to the Francesca Carotenuto‘s bright colors.

    We talk about:
    Commanders in Crisis #2-3
    Steve Orlando, Davide Tinto, Francesca Carotenuto
    Image Comics, november and december 2020
    28 and 32 pages, comic book format, colors – 3,99 $

    Translated from italian by David Padovani


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