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  • Interview to actor Kett Turton – Sand Demon in “The Flash”

    Interview to actor Kett Turton – Sand Demon in “The Flash”
    We present an exclusive interview to the actor Kett Turton, who played the role of Eddie Slick aka Sand Demon in The Flash season 2, actually aired on The CW.

    We present an exclusive interview to the actor , who played the role of Eddie Slick aka Sand Demon in season 2, actually aired on .

    Hello, Kett. Could you start by introducing yourself to our readers?
    Sure. I’m , I’m an actor.

    How did you happen to appear on ? Did you audition?
    Yes, that’s right. I auditioned and they offered me the part.


    Your character, Eddis Slick aka Sand Demon, is a villain with his very own story arc. Could you talk about the character? Did you do some research on the role?
    I read what I could find about who he was in the comics. I tried to find the original issues he appeared in but couldn’t get them in time. He’s only in about four actual comic issues as I understand it, so he was open to interpretation. His past is left mysterious but there were certain things I could use to create a back story in my mind, like his name. He’s definitely a con man, a pathological liar who has lost track of which storys are real and which are made up. The idea of Earth One and Earth Two is a good metaphor for that. The fun part about how he was written for is that there are two versions of him, from Earth One and Earth Two. They’re slightly different from each other, which was interesting. I love that idea. We’re all very different people from moment to moment I think, and then we organise everything into a comprehensive narrative in retrospect.

    Did you work with the people in charge of the special effects? Was it a new experience for you? How was it?
    Yes they were very meticulous about how his arms would be heavy if they were forming these big sand weapons. They scanned my body and made a digital model which took place in this dark room with lights, it was trippy. The fight scenes were interesting as Grant and I would film either side of the fight at different times and then we were edited together in post. Film is always a bit like that though. It’s a house of mirrors. Again the whole many worlds thing. Worlds within worlds.


    What were your feelings when you took the role for a supervillain in a tv-show like The Flash? What’s the difference between playing something ‘supernatural’ compared to a human one?
    There isn’t really a difference. It’s just a person, who happens to have these  surreal elemental factors to them. Which everyone does if you look at them the right way.

    You appeared in a big amount of tv-shows. What’s the difference between working in and your former roles?
    Each one is its own little world. It’s like you’re visiting different realities. Which this season talks about a lot. We like to think this is surreal but I think we’re doing it all the time.

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