Interview with Stephen Huszar, the villain Plunder in The Flash

Interview with Stephen Huszar, the villain Plunder in The Flash

We present an exclusive interview with the actor Stephen Huszar, who played the role of Plunder, a DC Comics villain in the third season of The Flash.

We present an exclusive interview with the actor Stephen Huszar, who played the role of Plunder, a villain in the third season of .

Do you mind introducing yourself to our readers?
My name is Stephen Huszar. I was born during a blizzard and raised in a small city in the middle of the Canadian prairies called Saskatoon. I love eating pies, especially ones with Saskatoon berries in them. I also love to travel to remote places on the planet and discover why cultures and people do the things they do. I think human beings are amazing which inspires me to act and step into the shoes of different characters. I currently split my time between Toronto and Vancouver.

How did you get the role for the villain Plunder in The Flash?
I auditioned for the role in Vancouver, Canada early fall of last year. I was actually in Vancouver for a premier of a movie I was involved with at the time, and my agent got me the audition when I was in town. I heard I was shortlisted for the role and subsequently that CW / Warner Bros. was impressed with my previous role in Shadowhunters, and decided I was right for the part.

Before taking the role, did you study a little bit your character? Plunder does have a complex comic history!
Yes indeed! I was familiar with his multiple dimension existence before taking the role. I was very interested to see how the writers of the show would unfold the story of Plunder and his mirror world existence as Detective Jared Morillo. I appreciate when I have the opportunity to play darker roles, and the added complexity of this character was very intriguing to me.

How would you describe the atmosphere on the set of The Flash?
In addition to being a very welcoming and friendly set, everyone from the stunt team to the entire cast and crew were of the highest calibre. This provided me with a safe and inspiring platform that helped elevate my performance. All in all, it's an actors dream set.

You played a comic villain. How was it? Would you consider coming back on the show?
There are complexities to darker characters that are interesting to explore as an actor and to find the motivation behind their actions. Specifically, playing a comic villain allows me to explore a range and depth to a character that is unique to the DC comics universe. Also, playing a character that happens to carry deadly weapons, ride a kick-ass motor bike, and sport cool kicks was an added bonus!  In terms of returning to the show, there is definitely more to this character to explore and I would appreciate the opportunity to portray more of his storyline.

How was working with and Keiynan Lonsdale?
Grant and Keiynan are truly awesome guys. They are professionals and extremely talented actors and at the same time totally down to earth. I had a great experience working with them and the rest of the cast and crew.

What are your future projects?
I am just about to start shooting Season 3 of the comedy series called LetterKenny, where I play a hockey player.

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