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  • I’m Jesse Wells – Interview to Violett Beane (The Flash)

    I’m Jesse Wells – Interview to Violett Beane (The Flash)

    We present an exclusive interview to Violett Beane, who play the character of Jesse Wells in the 2nd season of The Flash.

    We present an exclusive interview to Violett Beane, who play the character of Jesse Wells in the 2nd season of The Flash. 

    Hello, Violett, and welcome to Lo Spazio Bianco. Could you start by introducing yourself to our readers?
    I’m Violett Beane! I love baking and have an adorable bunny rabbit. A couple years ago, I started focusing in on acting for television and film, and it’s been extremely fun so far!

    How did you get your role for Jesse Wells in The Flash? How much did you know of the character? Are you a comic fan?
    I sent in a self-tape for a made-up character named Claire… They were pretty secretive with the whole thing. I had seen a couple episodes of the show, but I hadn’t read the comics. Once I booked the role, I went to a local comic shop in Austin and picked up a few editions focused on Jesse’s storylibe. Even though the show deters from the comics a good amount, they still keep the basics of the characters the same and honor the original storylines.

    beane2How does it feel to work on a series that often experience crossovers with other shows (such as Arrow and Supergirl)?
    I think it’s a really fun way to change up the pace of the season, not to mention the fans LOVE it! I haven’t been able to do a cross-over yet, but hopefully next season I will! Especially now that Supergirl is moving over to The CW, there’s an even bigger chance. I’d love to see a race between Supergirl and Jesse Quick!

    Your character, Jesse Wells, has quite a troubled relationship with her father, Harrison. How did you work on this part and how did you prepare yourself for this role?
    I was definitely a little worried in the beginning because my first time getting to meet Tom Cavanagh was on set right before the first scene! I mean how nerve-racking is that!? Luckily Tom was incredibly sweet and welcoming and he really helped me that first day.

    What can you tell us about your co-workers? How was working with Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes and especially with Tom Cavanagh?
    All of the cast and crew are so wonderful! I’ve met some amazingly talented people since working on The Flash. Everyone really enjoys what they’re doing and genuinely has a good time which is so important on any set. We work 12+ hours together everyday and if one person is in a bad mood it can put everyone in a mood, so I’ve been fortunate not to experince that on this set!

    beane3Regarding Grant Gustin, what do you think about DC casting a different actor as the Flash in Justice League movie?
    I think it’s pretty common for TV and film franchises to be seperate. Obviously I think Grant would’ve done a great job in the film adaptation, but I do understand that they’re considering it to be a completely different story. You can’t take it too personally when it comes to things like this, I mean they’re making a third Spiderman for crying out loud!!

    Culd you tell us some juicy or funny stories about what happened on set?
    We always play Phase 10. It’s great cause it really brings out people’s scary sides. We get really competitive and it’s fun to see how we all react to winning/losing!

    Jess has a very specific, comic-like origin, which makes her a speedster just like Flash. Do you think your character could experience this kind of evolution throughout the series too?
    I like that the writers stick to the comic books for the most part, but that they are also able to build suspense and keep the stories fresh by adding other new storylines. As far as Jesse goes, I’m not sure if they’ll stick to the whole equation aspect of her powers, but we’ll see!

    What are your future projects?
    I’ve got a music video coming out that I directed, edited, and starred in for the band Eyelid Kid. I play a deranged orphan who has grown up in an abandoned house with only two dolls to keep her company. It’s gonna be wicked! It’s coming out in a couple weeks and it’ll be on my social media @violettbeane and at eyelidkid.com

    Photo Courtesy: Jen Rachid

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