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  • Interview to actress Shelby Steel, Chaotic Chick in “Powers”

    Interview to actress Shelby Steel, Chaotic Chick in “Powers”
    We present an exclusive interview with the young actress Shelby Steel, who play the role of Chaotic Chick in Powers, aired on Sony Playstation Network and based on the comicbook series created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

    shelbysteel2We present an exclusive interview with the young actress , who play the role of Chaotic Chick in , aired on Sony Playstation Network and based on the comicbook series created by and .

    Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about you?
    Hey guys, my name is . This is super cool for me because this is my first interview. Ever. I mean, that’s really cool. I’m originally from Hollywood, Florida, and one day, I decided it was time to move so I packed all of my stuff in my car and drove across country. I’ve been calling Los Angeles home now for almost three years. It’s insane to think about because had I imagined my life five years ago I wouldn’t be able to tell you I’d be here today, doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life.

    How did you get involved with ? Did you audition for the role?
    The funny thing about is that it was actually my third audition for the show. It came to me like most projects, as just another audition, and I had already auditioned for two different parts before I got the audition for Chaotic Chick. I was hoping that this time the saying, “third times the charm,” was true. Thankfully, it was. It also just made sense to me because after reading the role, I was like, “yep, this is me. I’m going to book it.”

    Can you tell us, without revealing too much, about your character?
    What I can tell you about Chaotic Chick is that she’s a thunderstorm. She comes in quietly, slowly at first, like most thunderstorms do and just as you start to think it’ll just be a light rainfall…BOOM the lightning and thunder begin to start. That’s very much Chaotic Chick. She won’t stop until she’s done. She hates and all the injustice that surrounds their position and she won’t take “no” for an answer.

    shelbysteel1Did you get to read about the comics, before you started working on Powers? What do you think of the themes it deals with?
    Yes, I read the first trade paperback and loved it. What I loved about was that it wasn’t like other super shows, comics, and books. It has a darkness, a grittiness, that you just don’t find in a lot of other superhero related medias. It deals with the repercussions and consequences of superheroes in a very real world way which we just haven’t really seen before and I think that’s what the show does beautifully also. I feel like they’ve turned an already great comic into an equally great show.

    How has it been, working with the rest of the cast? Do you have any anecdotes on the other actors?
    The only actor I had the pleasure of working with on the show was who plays Kripsin. I do have one great story though that I don’t even think he knows! On our last day of shooting, we had a scene that required multiple takes. It was either on that day or the day before, but Max had flown in from England where’d he had just picked up the flu. He was walking around that day kind of gloomy, like we all do when we’re sick and don’t want to be and lucky me, I got to spend the whole day within breathing space of him. Of course he had assured me his flu had run it’s course, and I guess it did, because that night it ran all the way to me and gave me the worst flu I’ve had in years. At least I’ll always be able to say I got to keep something from the show.


    Your career as an actress has just begun, but you’ve already been part of TV shows such as Shameless and Sleepy Hollow. Could you describe the experience you had on set with Powers and the differences with the other projects you worked on in the past?
    Well, because my career has just begun I’ve only had a handful of experiences which I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. With Powers, I got to fly across the country and spend time in Georgia, which was really neat. Everyone there was really nice and lovely to work with. Someone asked me recently what my worst experience on set has been and in all honesty, I’ve been really lucky so far. With Shameless, Sleepy Hollow, and Powers, I’ve just been surrounded by hardworking and kind people. I hope I’m as lucky in the future.

    What are your plans for the future?
    My plans for the future are just to keep going forward and staying open to everything. I have this very weird mentality that things are just going to work out. It might be stupid, but it’s worked so far. I feel like if I plan too much, It doesn’t leave room for things to actually happen. That being said, I’d like to start doing movies at some point. I love movies. I can watch movies all day everyday. Also, a second season of Powers would be great. Just putting it out there in the universe.


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