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  • Interview to actor Max Fowler, Krispin Stockley in “Powers”

    Interview to actor Max Fowler, Krispin Stockley in “Powers”
    We present an exclusive interview to Max Fowler, who plays the role of Krispin Stockley in "Powers". Fowler appeared in many tv shows such as The Killing and recently in the theaters with Rage, starring Nicholas Cage.

    We present an exclusive interview to , who plays the role of Krispin Stockley in “”. Fowler   appeared in many tv shows such as The Killing and recently in the theaters with Rage, starring Nicholas Cage.

    Hello, Max. First of all, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us more about you?
    Hello, thank you for asking. Well as you know my name is , I’m an English actor currently living in London, UK. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked quite a lot in America since 2012 on ‘the Killing’, ‘Rage’ and now ‘’. I’m a die-hard Rafa Nadal fan, I adore Michael Jackson and I can’t get enough of being out in nature.

    How did you get involved in “Powers”?
    I was sent the material for the audition and taped it from London (which I do for all of my American work) and they dug me! It was pretty much as simple as that. I was lucky to have call me before the call back and give me a bunch of notes and once I got the job he called me again and we spoke in depth about my character; the mysterious Krispin…

    In the series you play the role of Krispin, the son of Walker’s (Sharlto Copley) deceased former partner. How did you (emotionally) prepare for this role? Had you read the comic book before the shooting started?
    I hadn’t read the comics prior to landing the role, however I quickly changed that once I was set to be Krispin and got my hands on Vol 1 (which, by the way, is fantastic). I should probably point out that I’m a huge Spiderman fan, and I grew up reading all of the ‘Ultimate Spiderman’ comics, which was created by our father of Mr ! So I was pretty psyched to connect the dots on that one.
    When we meet Krispin he’s grieving, so that did require a fair degree of preparation. I spent a lot of time trying to put myself in his shoes imagining it was my own father to help get the ball rolling. I even got my actual Dad’s aftershave and sprayed some fabric to take to America so I could induce my sense memory – totally did the trick!


    What is your opinion on “Powers” and on the way superheroes are portrayed?
    I love the way depicts Superheroes; it parallels our societies obsession with celebrities in a way that I feel is by far the most likely way we would actually react to people with superhuman abilities. For me, this touches on something very real and relatable in this made-up world of ‘Powers’. It’s a reflection of how we are all brought up to seek outside of ourselves to find happiness, instead of finding joy within. All these Superheroes that young people are idolizing and obsessing over, are now being shown under a realistic light with all of their flaws. The world is imperfect and just because a person has powers, it does not, by any stretch, mean that they are exempt from this truth.

    is broadcast on Play Station Network, quite a different platform than other TV series. What do you think about it? Were you worried at the beginning?
    To be honest, I thought it was pretty cool! I mean sure, there’s always a degree of uncertainty that comes with airing a show on a platform like this, but having been a professional actor for the last 6 years I’m well acquainted with unpredictability. As far as the platform itself is concerned, I think its great. Everything these days is heading in this direction so I think Sony is successfully moving with the times.


    I read that you got to know during the filming. Would you tell us about the time you met him?
    I only actually met Brian a couple times. Once at the read through before shooting, and the other at the premiere once it was all completed. When I first introduced myself to him I had a massive fan-boy moment and probably creeped him out. It was funny seeing him again at the premiere and having a complete role reversal, with him complimenting me on my work in Powers. It definitely made me feel better about our incredibly awkward introduction – he’s basically just a really cool guy.

    What are your future plans?
    Well as always it’s not set in stone, but fundamentally to keep growing as a person and actor, continue travelling the world and having as much fun as I can.

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