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  • A dark interlude #2 (R. O’Sullivan, A. Mutti)

    A dark interlude #2 (R. O’Sullivan, A. Mutti)
    n "A dark interlude"'s second chapter, Ryan O’Sullivan, Andrea Mutti and Vladimir Popov focus on the reactions to the death of an individual.

    A dark interlude_2_coverIt is ironic that, about halfway through the A dark interlude‘s second chapter, a character bursts out saying that everyone around him is doing nothing but talking. In fact, this is what the public can think, reading the comic written by Ryan O’Sullivan, drawn by Andrea Mutti and colored by Vladimir Popov.
    The texts submerge the panels until they become a whole passage in prose, making it difficult to create a link between reader and story, as requested by the protagonist with an evident metanarrative attitude.
    The metatextual component, the most interesting of the series published by Vault Comics, loses its effectiveness when the abundance of phrases takes away the space for imagination. Therefore the prolixity, already reported in the review of the first issue, takes over, allowing a pause only at the end of the episode, when it seems that the consequences of the most relevant fact in the register are beginning to be explored.
    More deeply, if in the flow of letters the criticism of literary criticism appears as an outlet, the more effective is the reflection on the multiple reactions to someone’s death. Significant, in this sense, is a splash-page in which the characters gather around the deceased’s bed: Mutti is good at taking advantage of one of the very rare silences to let the facial expressions speak. For his part, Popov highlights the otherness of the fantasy world of Fearscape, in this underdeveloped but still present chapter, with its violet and smoky shades.

    Translated in english by David Padovani

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    A dark interlude # 2
    Ryan O’Sullivan, Andrea Mutti, Vladimir Popov
    Vault Comics, December 2020
    31 pages, comic-book format, colors – $ 3.99

    A dark interlude_2_int

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