80 times Captain America: interview with Mak Waid

80 times Captain America: interview with Mak Waid

The celebrations for the 80th anniversary of Captain America's life continue. This time we talk about the Captain with an exceptional guest: the legendary Mark Waid!

During the first 80 years of Captain America’s life, some authors have profoundly marked his history, his main characteristics and have written sagas of enormous relevance: Steve Englehart marked the 70s, leading the character through a difficult period in the history of the United States; in the 1980s Mark Gruenwald introduced new supporting charactes, redefining the Captain (and many of these elements built the fundamental scaffolding of the recent Marvel series Falcon and The Winter Soldier ); Ed Brubaker has completely changed Steve Rogers’ status quo of the new millennium with a thriller that has entered the number of Marvel’s gretest stpries. In the 1990s,  the main author of some of the best stories dedicated to Captain America was unquestionably Mark Waid.

At the turn of the Heroes Reborn maxievent, Mark Waid (often together with Ron Garney) wrote adventures that have a genuine superhero taste, but also always focused on reflections that brought into play the fundamental principles that define the character, or those values ​​that define the essence itself of the United States. After this first experience, Waid returned to the character two more times, first writing the twelve-issue series Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (1998-1999) and Captain America 695-704 (together with Chris Samnee) in the immediate post Secret Empire event by Nick Spencer: a reconstruction and celebration of the character himself.

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Cap, we spoke to Mark Waid about his relationship with Steve Rogers in a nice chat via Zoom:

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