Thor: The Dark World – Interview with Chloe Bruce (Stunt)

Thor: The Dark World – Interview with Chloe Bruce (Stunt)
We present a brief interview with Chloe Bruce, stunt who worked on Thor: The Dark World movie as boyd double for actress Jaimie Alexander and Rene Russo.

We present a brief interview with , stunt who worked on movie as boyd double for actress and .

Hi Chloe, thanks for accepting our interview. How were you involved in Thor: The Dark World? How long did it takes?
I was the stunt double in Thor 2, for Sif () & also Frigga (Rene Rouso) I worked on this project for a total of 5 months.

In the movie you double the actresses e . May you tell us something about them? How was to work together?
Both ladies were fantastic! A true pleasure to work alongside. We all put a lot of hard work into this movie and I think it showed in the results.

During the movie a terrible incident occurred to Alexander, luckly without serious consequences, which were the reflections on the set?
Jaimie is a warrior, and managed to be ok. But yes she did happen to have a a little accident. luckily she was ok. This accident didn’t happen on set or in training. But everyone was very supportive.

How you physically trained for this movie? Is it always the same or does it change from movie to movie?
Every movie is different, every job is different, so the training varies. But yes we did quite a lot of prep for this one. I think around 10 weeks rehearsals in total

During the 2013 you worked in Kick Ass 2 even, how was to work there?
Kickass 2 had a great team on board, and it was a pleasure to be involved in this. I actually only managed to do the prep on this, so I worked on one of the girls fights with the fight co-ordinator, . I couldn’t do the shoot as the dates clashed with Thor 2. But I was very grateful for the time I did work on it.

Which are your next projects? I know you just finished but I suppose you can say nothing…
I cannot talk about any future projects at the moment. But yes life is busy and I am very grateful to be working in this industry.

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