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  • Neal Adams Interview – Part 4

    Neal Adams Interview – Part 4
    We were lucky to be received at Continuity Studios by Mr. Neal Adams for an interview. Last part of four.

    We were lucky to be received at Continuity Studios by Mr. for an interview. He donated us his time and he spent two hours to tell us stories; because, as he told us, he loves to tell stories, to write stories, to draw stories…
    PART 4

    So, what about your third passion: science…
    Oh, I thought you were saying my kids… (He stands up and picks up a model of the earth, totally covered by ground, than shows…)
    This is South America, about here North America, with all of islands above Canada, all these islands that pushed together, Europe. Now we know this part it’s Pangaea essentially this is Saudi Arabia, this is India still attached to Asia but it broke away from Africa. It never was disattached from Asia so it is part of it.
    Asia, Siberia, this is Australia and this is Antarctica. This is the whole world two hundred millions years ago; it all fits together mathematically; if you know anything about math…

    24) 1

    From here: http://www.nealadams.com/index.php/science/read-watch-learn


    I’ve read everything you wrote about this argument…
    It’s not because I said that… Let me tell you something: granite rock, which is what our continents are made of, weight 2.7 times what water weights. Basalt, which is at the bottom of the oceans, weights 3.3 times what water weights. Obviously basalt is much heavy of granite rock. So we have the process, in our science classes, called differentiation1. The lighter stuff goes to the top and especially if it isn’t cooked, if it isn’t melded. All these mixtures stuffed together but if you heat it right under the crust you know, for some miles down, then the lighter stuff is gonna go up. Well, what happened is that the lighter stuff came to the top and of course we had a crust which is cold. So this stuff comes up through these like veins and as they gets to top and cool they harden. So you get rocks of granite but because it was liquid when it came up, heated rock liquid, it tends to be like water, opportunistic. That is that fills in the space. So melted granitic rock is going to fill the empty spaces; so if you have this ball and this granite rock is melted then it will fill waterier empty spaces there are, so you will make a smooth ball.
    If you have a smooth ball, how you can have this? The only way that could happen it’s because physics says that. And it’s one of the things about geologists, they don’t study physics.
    They only way it would not be smooth if it is was growing; then the crust would crack apart. So, as the granite rock is coming up the crust would crack apart. Even the sedimentary layers. So you have what is called ridges and flatlands they are everywhere. If you track those pieces and push them together they drawn together. All over the American Midwest. At the edges of rivers going out into ocean they cracked apart like this. Reason that they are cracked at the edges of the continents because a continent has to go like this and so it spreads on the edges and it build mountains in the middle or nearly…
    So, but the only concomitance that is missing is the growth part. For all these processes to take place. For there to be ridges and flatlands and then to be cracks on the side of.
    And the only way that could happen is if it grows. If the cracks are spreading they would be back together then all that stuff would just go back down until the two edges will go together.

    So let’s say you have this vase, you just pull these strings and all these pieces come together and you have a vase. [..] Basically there are cracks in the ocean that shows the direction of the movement. From the rift. So now you can see which way these pieces went as you go back in time you don’t even have to guess. You just have to like make them disappear and just make sure everything continues to line-up and then you know what fits. I have to argue the argument about the earth is covered with granite rock; are you telling me that melted granite rock wouldn’t flow outward and would make all these broken edges?
    But that’s physics. Oh, we don’t talk physics.
    Hey, physicist, come here. The geologist said matter can’t be made. Can matter be made? Oh, sure.
    We know E0Mc22, matter and energy are the same of course can be made and can be destroyed. Matter can be made? No it can’t. Well, you just said it can.
    Essentially matter can be made. No, I’ve read in the books matter can’t be made or destroyed.
    Ok. How do we get the universe?

    25) 2

    From here: http://www.nealadams.com/index.php/science/read-watch-learn

    We had nothing and now we have all this shit.
    So there is a mechanism that makes matter. Maybe only happen once you know, 17 minutes 14 billion years ago. I don’t think so.
    Talk to physicist. Mr. physicist, is there such a concept as expanding. What do you mean? Does anything expand unless you apply another force like thermal, chemical, can anything expand?
    Is there any such concept as expanding? Something expands not without applying another force.
    No, why are you asking me such a stupid question?
    Because you were saying that the universe is expanding.
    Well, the universe expands. Forces are applying. Well, we believe…
    Oh…. f**k you.
    Excuse me. Find the books, show me where it is written that something cannot expand. …
    You are telling that nothing can expend and the universe is expending.
    I am sorry. It just doesn’t make sense.
    Guess what? The universe is growing. How is it growing?
    How is making matter? Cannot make matter? Well, matter can’t be made. But then it gets destroyed. Well, not necessarily. You keep it apart. How can you keep it apart?
    Well, that’s not the point. Do we know everything in science yet do we know how matter is made? No, we don’t know how the matter is made. How did the universe get made?
    We don’t exactly know yet.
    Excuse me. I think I know,. No offence. I do my homework. Everything that I talk about has a basis in fact.

    You talked about spending time and thousands of years…
    35 years. But the thing is: when I found, I found a lot of things. First of all I’ve studied all the sciences. But I studied facts. I don’t study theories. I actually don’t like theories.
    The assumption that science is rocket science is wrong science is really really simple. It’s what’s complicated it’s all these theories and when you start building this house of cards and theories and this theory depends on these two theories and depends on this and this depends on this…
    How could this be right?
    But that is the problem: if you build what you think and say on facts you look for other facts that support or deny, whatever that thing is. And never take the next step until this thing becomes a fact. Once it becomes a fact then you can go. But until it’s a fact on this is bullsh*t.

    26) 3I have no tools to understand which theory is the correct one but if I think about normal logical reasons…
    I know, believe me. I’ve run into all the times.
    And it’s so simple. There is a small group of people, it’s probably more people that I think. They once in a while they come into something and Neal is not here for a couple of days for a comic book convention or whatever. Well, wait a second and look at this, look at this… I have quite a defender out there who’s like really thinking about this. And he doesn’t say anything. He just thinks. He just keeps quite. The people who are the loudest so like the people who don’t want me to recover my comic books they are like crazy: “he has an asshole”…. those people are so loud compared to the people who just quietly thinking. I’ve been trying to disprove this for like 11 years. I can’t find a way to disprove it. I cannot find anything that disproves it click to investigate. I’ve looked everywhere. And I’ve asked, even to the scientists, look, if you have something to disprove it let me know what it is.
    And I’ll drop the thing like that. Just one thing. And I’ll drop it. Nothing.


    They don’t want to recognize…
    They don’t even look at the f*cking continents come together, and said “he must be tricking me”.

    What about “Two men in a bar” graphic novel?
    One hundred 25 pages and I’m probably going to have to redo out because so much as happened so much sh*t…
    I give you an idea. You know why it rains?
    Even meteorologists don’t know it. It’s so weird.
    So, what happens is… [it follows a full detailed, technical and scientific explanation you can follow on our You Tube channel where the interview is completely posted].
    So I gotta have to write a paper about this fu**ing rain. The more sh*t I discovered the more paper I have to add to this and I look back at the pages and…


    I’m re-editing myself and this is making me crazy. Once I started to do this I started to write papers at the end just to get some of this crap off my head that I didn’t cover in the book.
    It’is going on forever I just can’t, this is totally insane…
    Now I don’t even like the front of the book because like I dwell too much on this, I didn’t go here I didn’t do that. I talked about the shape of a galaxy and why is the way and the dark hole….
    New things have been discovered since then. We had this big debate with Nasa, well not a big debate from my point of view, I’ve written letters at Nasa saying look Mars have electromagnetic field and there’s tectonics going on Mars you people are crazy
    And they go “no, no Mars has no electromagnetic fields, no tectonics on Mars. Dead plants have been dead for couple of billions of years”
    If the Valles Marineris3is a f*cking thing that is wide as the United States of America how do explain that? Well it’s a river…
    One river on the whole of planet Mars and is so f*cking wide. It’s wide as Texas and it’s small at the ends and it’s looks like a crack and you said a river did that? Where did you go?
    Finally about four months ago, some professor wrote a paper… “well it turns out that there is a lot of tectonics on Mars pretty much like an Earth”.
    25 year old argument they discovered like “oh, there is tectonic on Mars. Oh, by the way, we fount the magnetic field. We got pictures.”
    I’ve been telling you…

    They have the evidence now…
    Yeah, they get pictures now. This science has gone so far ahead… It’s sort of like that, this is a way to try to describe it…
    You are on the road and there is a Seven Eleven. And people are going to Seven Eleven. Suddenly you see some brushes piled up over here and you push the bushes and there’s a big road.
    And you start going down that road. And it is leading to the city and you go “should I tell everybody on the other road that there is… wait a second I just keep on going on the road for a while…”
    I want to call people over to the road but it keeps getting bigger and bigger… It’s too much.
    It’s just so insane. And so I am a comic book artist… but I do my homework.
    When the book is done I’m gonna win. Not because I’m gonna win but because I do my homework. [… it follows a digression on what Universe is made… you can follow the entire video on our You Tube channel] You know, I feel in the future everybody will be going: “it was all so fu**ing simple, it took a guy from comic book…”. I know why it happened, it happened on words, it happened because… people said positrons are anti-particles. Anti-particles so destroy the particles. And you go: “well as soon as you put a label on it you make it something else. It’s a sister particle, it’s the opposite particle. Why you called the anti-matter? It’s just another kind of matter. You, by labelling that, just destroyed it for everybody. If you are in a positron universe the electron would be the anti-particle.” You took the best fu**ing clue that you have, the only process of matter creation that we know and you’re taking it and throwing away? Because you think they destroy one another.
    Just think about as a logical experiment: the only process that we know that makes matter out of nothing and throw it away because someone puts a word on it…

    The assumption the human beings are smart… big mistake.

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    3. a system of canyons on Mars, see here 

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