Interview to Wil Traval (Marvel’s Jessica Jones)

Interview to Wil Traval (Marvel’s Jessica Jones)

We present an exclusive interview with the actor Wil Traval, who play the character of NYPD agent Will Simpson in in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the Marvel/Netflix series starring Krysten Ritter.

We present an exclusive interview with the actor Wil Traval, who play the character of NYPD agent Will Simpson in in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the Marvel/ series starring Krysten Ritter.

Your role quickly becomes the one of a soldier, lean and mean, ready for action and to take drastic measures. How did you work on a role that could have easily been a cliché?
There were several weeks of combat training both in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. I also interviewed several veterans about their experiences of war and how that effected them.

The relationship between your character and Jessica Jones in the initial phase of the series is not predictable. They are on the same side, but they do not really like each other. How did you work on this with Krysten Ritter?
Krysten and I would spend a lot of time working through the dynamics of our relationship. It was important for us to make it clear how our character’s achieved the same goals differently.

wiltraval1When we get to meet him, your character has already had to deal with Kilgrave. What notes did you receive to perform as the victim of his power?
I thought of Kilgrave’s effect almost like it was a very strong hypnotism.

Simpson has a sentimental relationship with Trish, and this surely led you to explore the romantic aspects of the character too. Filming sex scenes is never easy, how was working with Rachael Taylor and how did you prepare yourselves?
Rachael and I already knew each other before filming so it was very easy to explore the romantic side of things. As friends we felt very comfortable.

wiltraval2Your character seems at first a minor role. Slowly, though, he builds a relationship with his victim and earns more and more importance in the plot, even after a supposed redemption. How was dealing with these kind of things?
I just found myself focused only on each episode as we shot them. That allowed me to stay on track and do the best work for each scene that I could.

You are Australian (and congratulations on your perfect american accent, by the way), but you have been working in the US for a long time. This role is, arguably, your most important one. Plus, it’s the first time for you being part of a super-hero show, produced by Netflix (which definitely has an atypical way to produce). What differences did you find in the production based on your past roles?
is an amazing new platform for television and I’m so excited to be part of the family. The production and making of Jessica Jones did not differ greatly from working on other productions. The whole team is very talented and devote all their energies to making the best show possible.

What are your future projects?
We’re currently looking for the perfect next project. Stay tuned.

Photo Courtesy: Brianna Alysse

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