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  • I’m The Wasp – Interview to actress Hayley Lovitt (Ant-Man)

    I’m The Wasp – Interview to actress Hayley Lovitt (Ant-Man)
    We present an exclusive interview with actress Hayley Lovitt, who played the role of Janet Van Dyne alias The Wasp in a flashback scene in Ant-Man movie.

    We present an exclusive interview with actress Hayley Lovitt, who played the role of Janet Van Dyne alias The Wasp in a flashback scene in movie.

    Hi Hayley and Welcome to Lo Spazio Bianco. How about introducing yourself to our readers and tell us a little about you? Hi! I am a Christian and an actress from the southeast. I’ve been acting professionally since 2009. I started off on the stage as a kid, and I finally decided to work on it as a career after graduating from college (UNCW).

    How did you happen to get involved in ? Did the production tell you about your role beforehand or was it just a generic casting call? I had put myself on tape for an “untitled Marvel film” which is usually how casting is done for any marvel projects – they call it “untitled” and then they later will give it a code name on call sheets and emails to try to keep it under wraps. I didn’t know who I was playing though until I was signing my paperwork in my trailer.

    lovitt2Marvel studio secrecy is notorious. Has it been difficult to you not to talk about your being Janet Van Dyne, a character so important for all Marvel fan base? Well, I can talk about it now, obviously. But yes it was difficult. At one point I was working (on a new show in the Costume Dept) and sitting across a desk from a girl who is a huge comic fan. She started talking about and how she was upset about The Wasp not being in it. I literally put my face in my hands and rested my elbows on the desk until she started talking about something else.

    The sequence you took part in is brief but full of action. Can you tell us a little bit about how long the shooting went and production details? Was it complicated? The shooting of that sequence was extremely technical. There were 5 cameras, and a whole separate tech crew to get our facial movements into a computer. But it was super cool. Our scene probably only took about an hour or so to shoot. There was originally dialogue, but they cut it to keep the anonymity of The Wasp.

    How did it feel to wear Wasp’s outfit? How did you feel seeing yourself in her shoes in the movie?
    I didn’t get to wear it. Womp womp. They CGI’ed it onto me in post.

    lovitt1Being the sequel on its way, would you be pleased to come back in a flashback? Oh, of course.

    This is not the first time in a movie comic project since you’ve already played Michelle Claremont in “”. What can you tell us about that experience? was a pretty cool show to shoot. They have completely revamped the show since Season 1 and we’re shooting Season 2 now. Though this season I’m not acting in the show – I’m actually the Costume Coordinator. When I first started everyone in the office was like “What? You’re on Crew now??” haha. I’ve actually worked full time behind the scenes since 2010. I’ve been acting longer, but I gotta have that day job!

    What are your next projects? I have an episode of The Originals coming out this week (I think it’s this week?). Other than that, I’ve got some balls in the air at the moment and I’m just waiting to see where they land. Thanks!

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