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  • Iron Man 3: interview with Ty Simpkins

    Iron Man 3: interview with Ty Simpkins

    Interview with young actor Ty Simpkins from Iron Man 3.

    tyHow did you get involved in this film?
    I was so excited to have an Iron Man audition. I had been asking my agent to get me in on a super hero movie because i just really love comic books and action sifi stuff and i just wanted to really be in a super hero movie. so when Iron Man 3 came up i was so excited. but it was all top secret and we couldn’t se the audition lines until just before we auditioned. but i went in and thought i did pretty good. but then we heard nothing for like 4 months or something crazy. then my mom told me we got the call back with producers and i am not sure if shane black was in that audition or not. i cant remember. what i really remember from that audition was that call back was i used the bathroom before i went in to wash my hands and they had tooth brushes in there for people to use. when i walked in to meet everyone i was like, ” do you guys know there are toothbrushes in the bathroom?” They just laughed at me i think. (laugh) anyway maybe a few weeks later I heard they wanted to fly me to North Carolina for a chemistry read with Robert Downey Jr.. It was me and 3 other kids. I was just really confident and knew i was going to get it. at that audition I was so excited to meet robert. I remember walking into the room and there were so many people in the room. and someone was introducing everyone and i was just like nodding my head but what i was really thinking was, “wheres robert downey jr?” and i kept looking for him and then this guy says and you know this guy…and pointed to a guy wearing a hat and sun glasses. that guy took off the hat and glasses and I was like, “ohhh there is Robert Downey Jr!” and then we just ran lines and i asked some questions and he was so funny in that room. It was a lot of fun.

    How much time did you spend on the set?
    I was there in North Carolina most of the summer last year. I was on set almost every day. We filmed on stages. On days of we got to go to the beach, and the water park, we found this awesome comics store and toy store, and I also have an aunt and uncle there so we got to spend time with family too. It was a great summer!



    Can you talk about your role?
    Yea! I play this genius kid named Harley who doesn’t really have a lot of friends or a great family. my mom is not really around and my dad took off a long time ago. Harley liked to spend most of his tim in his work shed where he made stuff, like potato-guns and volcanos and stuff. He’s just this really smart kid that found Tony Stark hiding in his work shed and my character kind of helps him get it together. It was really fun getting to be sarcastic with Tony stark. We had this kind of love-hate-love relationship.

    How was it working with Robert Downey Jr.?
    Robert is MORE then awesome. He is my favorite person in the world. He just let me try different stuff, in different ways, and made being on set really, really fun. He helped me a lot. We got really close and he actually shared with me a secret that I wont tell, but it just makes everything soooo easy!

    What about the director Shane Black? Did he gave you special advice before scenes?
    Shane is a really good director. I like him a lot and I like the way he directed me. He would let me sit with him before we went on stage when he was typing up the pages, and we would talk about what was going to happen. Sometimes we would just walk away from the set and he would talk to me really kind, and you know he is just a really smart guy the way he thinks and says things. Shane talked to me like I was a real actor, and he listed to me, and he knew how to make me laugh. He’s awesome.


    I understand that you really like reading comics. I imagine that you have been pleased to take part in a movie about Iron Man?
    I love reading comic books and graphic novels. My sister, Ryan and I have our favorite comic book stores all over the world. Well, we havent been all over the world, but in Canada and Germany, and all over the United States in the places we visit when we film. Its actually what we do on our free time when we are not filming. We find comic books stores and spend our per-diem there, i remember this ever since I was about 3. We hang out in book stores too. You can always find me in the Graphic Novel section! So, yea, when I found out I got Iron Man 3, I actually cried. Best moment of my life!

    What are your next projects?
    Well I just wrapped INSIDIOUS Chapter 2, and that is coming out in September and I am really excited to work on CONVERSATIONS WITH ANDY. This is a story about this 6th grade kid (me) who is going through some stuff that is really hard for a kid and he meets Andy Warhol, and Andy helps him with advice and growing up and stuff.

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