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  • Interview to actress Amy Ruthberg, Marci Stahl in “Marvel’s Daredevil”

    Interview to actress Amy Ruthberg, Marci Stahl in “Marvel’s Daredevil”
    We present an exclusive interview with the actress Amy Ruthberg, who plays the role of Marci Stahl, lawyer and former girlfriend of Foggy Nelson, in Marvel's Daredevil.

    We present an exclusive interiew with the actress , who plays the role of Marci Stahl, lawyer and former girlfriend of Foggy Nelson, in Marvel’s . Mrs Ruthberg worked in many tv shows such as Criminal Intent, Law & Order, Everwood, The Good Wife.

    How did you get involved in ?
    My agents got me the audition.  It was called “Untitled Drama”. I didn’t know it was “Daredevil”. I auditioned with a version of  the scene from episode 5 but the names had been changed.  I was really impressed with the writing. That is a very well written scene. A few weeks later I got the call that I had booked it. I was surprised and absolutely thrilled.

    As Marci in your scenes you acted with and mostly with . What can you tell us about those two actors and may you describe us the behind the scenes through some anecdotes?
    Deborah and Elden are extremely talented and professional actors, I really enjoyed working with them. Elden and I have some mutual friends in Los Angeles and New York so that was nice.  The first scene we shot was at a big office building in midtown manhattan- at 11 in the morning on a Monday. It was packed with people in suits actually going to their jobs and passing through the set. It was very intimidating and we had to work fast to get out of that location.

    Your character had a relation with Foggy and is herself a lawyer. The difference between Marci and Foggy is a kind of legal and moral unscrupulousness, at least at the beginning.  Which instructions have you got from the directors and how you trained for the role?
    I didn’t know what would happen to Marci when I started shooting the series. It was an interesting process for me as an actor because I could only work with the scene that was in front of me, the one I was shooting. I had no idea how it fit into the episode or the series at large because I wasn’t allowed to read the full scripts- that’s very unusual for an actor. I applaud Marvel for doing that, it is very important to them that no spoilers get out so that the fan experience is as good as possible. The 4 directors I worked with on the show were all fantastic. Really cared about making Marci likeable even though she does  and says unlikeable things . I think Marci is a product of the “hells kitchen” legal system. She is a woman trying to build her career in a male dominated field and she is not afraid to make enemies but I don’t think she is unscrupulous- arrogant and materialistic maybe. In America, every one has the right to a lawyer…even bad guys.

    Was tough to live inside the famous “Marvel Secrecy”? Which are the sensations that derived from being part of this wonderful series, a series that had a big critics and viewers’ feedback?
    It wasn’t tough…but it was definitely different from what I’m used to. What was so exciting was watching the series for the first time with the fans and enjoying it like I wasn’t in it because all the plot points were a surprise to me! I enjoyed sharing all of my reactions alongside people on twitter and instagram. The feedback from fans and critics has been extremely positive. I’m so proud to be a small part of the show. It’s also fun to be recognized on the street for such a cool project.


    Marci gives a contribution, even in the background, to the resolutions of the main series’ events helping Foggy. To see the final scene, where your character changes skin and return to be a real lawful lawyer, affects positively the viewer, as Foggy said. Which are your impressions about it?
    I’m so happy Marci ended up having “a soul”. It’s so much more fun to play a complex character like that who is a little good and maybe a little bad. That’s like a real person. I’m sure there are plenty of  real corporate attorneys who when they are not defending big companies are nice to their neighbors and volunteer at their church. People are many things all at once.

    Which are your future projects? Being confirmed the ’s second season, it’s be possible that Marci’ll be back again? Foggy talked about it at the end…
    I certainly hope Marci is back for season 2 but I know nothing officially. I recently  worked on another American series called “The Good Wife”. I have a lot of fun things coming up this summer. I will definitely talk about it on twitter so make sure you follow me and say hello- @amyrutberg. Maybe a trip to beautiful Italy is in the near future..fingers crossed.

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